Facetime For Android- Top Alternatives Download


Facetime is a great video calling application which comes pre-installed with almost all apple devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are using iPhone, iPad or any other apple product, you can locate Facetime into your phone.

It’s so easy to use and flawless that it’s one of the most popular video calling applications on iOS. Due to its popularity, People who use devices running different OS such as Android are looking forward to use Facetime on Android.


That’s why we have brought you this guide on How to use Facetime on Android. Here is how to get Facetime for Android

How to use Facetime on Android?

There are thousands of apps on Google Play Store but sometimes it becomes really hard to find a suitable application for any special needs. For example, there are thousands of Video calling applications available on Android but most of them are a pure headache when it comes to using.

Some of them have offered so poor video quality that you can not even identify the face of the person whom you are talking to. Others consume so much data that you can go and meet that person face to face and it will still cost you less.


And the situation becomes worse when Apple users have the perfect solution for this problem in the form of apps like Facetime which is without doubt an awesome video calling application.

That’s why we, the Android users also want a way to use Facetime on Android phone. Unfortunately, the app is developed by Apple developers in such a way that there is no chance of finding Facetime on Playstore, in fact we also come across queries such as how to download Facetime for pc, well in that case all we have to tell you that there is no way you can get this app on your Android phone forget about pc, however, we have top alternatives of this app which works equally good as Facetime.

How to download and Install Facetime apk on Android

You can not install Facetime directly from Google play. So the hopes are all relying now on finding the Facetime apk. Because there are lots of apps which don’t comply with Google Play Store’s policies but are still very popular.

How? APKs. Yes, the answer is apk. These apps allow you to download the apk file of that application and then you can install that apk.

So now you must have the question From where to download Facetime apk in your mind. Well, unfortunately, there is no apk of Facetime for Android currently. We are constantly looking to find the Facetime apk for Android and we’ll let you know as soon as we find it. Till then here is something for you-

Facetime Alternatives for Android

Although you can not use Facetime on Android, there are lots of Facetime alternatives available on play store.

However all of them have their advantages and disadvantages and trying all these apps would be a real burden, that’s why we have brought you a list of top 3 Facetime Android Alternatives. –

3. Hangouts

Everything that comes from Google is awesome and Hangouts is no different. It’s one of the most popular video calling apps on android. You can use this app for not only video chats but text chat as well.


If you are using an Android phone then you must have a Google account as well which makes signing up on Hangouts super fast and easy. You can also use Hangouts on apple devices so it’s a win-win situation.

2. Viber

Viber launched their video calling feature in 2013 and it has been running successfully ever since. The best thing about it is that they are more focused on mobile video calls and their app is also primarily created for mobiles.

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It means that unlike other popular video calling options, it has a very clean UI and is much faster.

1. Skype

 Launched way back in 2003, Skype is like the great great grandfather of all video calling apps. Surprisingly it has kept adding new things and improving it’s services that’s why it still stands tall.


 So if you are looking for a Facetime alternative for not only Android but other devices as well then there is nothing better than Skype.

 Final Words

Do you know any way of using Facetime on Android? Which one of these alternatives you liked the most? Tell us in the comments box. Stay tuned for more such articles and updates.