Four alternative gay apps to use when Grindr goes down


#Grindroutage 2016 is a very common term that we all are familiar with. It so happened that Grindr stopped working for a few hours, which caused a mass panic amongst all its users. In order to avoid anymore Grindr outages, given below is a list of four alternative gay applications that can be used by you when Grindr  goes down.

  1. Scruff 

This application is a very strong alternative of Grindr. This application is easy to use, the application was launched in the year 2010, and this application is also the first one to include members of military and transgender community. This application allows you to look for guys all around the world and will also help you in planning a trip with your gay friends. This application also has a premium membership that allows you to filter on the basis of age.

2. Growlr 

This application targets a particular niche, it targets people who have a fetish for bears. You can easily locate bears all across the world, and can also show more than one photo at a time. The only disadvantage of this application is that if you do not love bears, you might not find this application interesting. This application has some decent number of guys of various sizes. The guys are divided into various categories like that of eye candy, muscular, and body builders.

3. VGL 

This application was created by Josh Liptzin and Andrew Vurlumis in the year 2013. The best part about this application is that it allows users to rank each other with the help of few selected words like Hot, Fave, Drink and many such words. All those profiles which get ranked higher are put into the Hottest category, and this allows the users to make better choices. There is only one disadvantage of this application which is that in order to view that Hottest category, you will have to pay for that. This application also allows you to follow each other, likes and comments can also be made on the other person’s profile.

4. Daddy Hunt 

As its name suggests, this is the most common application used by Daddy Hunt. If you are looking for someone elder to you, this is the best platform for you. The best part about this application is that its browser is stacked with images of men in the form of a chessboard. Although, Daddy Hunt has a smaller user base as compared to Grindr, the options are growing.