Four alternative gay apps to use when Grindr goes down


#Grindroutage 2016 is a very common term that we all are familiar with. It so happened that Grindr stopped working for a few hours, which caused a mass panic amongst all its users. In order to avoid anymore Grindr outages, given below is a list of four alternative gay applications that can be used by you when Grindr  goes down.

  1. Scruff 

This application is a very strong alternative of Grindr. This application is easy to use, the application was launched in the year 2010, and this application is also the first one to include members of military and transgender community. This application allows you to look for guys all around the world and will also help you in planning a trip with your gay friends. This application also has a premium membership that allows you to filter on the basis of age.

2. Growlr 

This application targets a particular niche, it targets people who have a fetish for bears. You can easily locate bears all across the world, and can also show more than one photo at a time. The only disadvantage of this application is that if you do not love bears, you might not find this application interesting. This application has some decent number of guys of various sizes. The guys are divided into various categories like that of eye candy, muscular, and body builders.

3. VGL 

This application was created by Josh Liptzin and Andrew Vurlumis in the year 2013. The best part about this application is that it allows users to rank each other with the help of few selected words like Hot, Fave, Drink and many such words. All those profiles which get ranked higher are put into the Hottest category, and this allows the users to make better choices. There is only one disadvantage of this application which is that in order to view that Hottest category, you will have to pay for that. This application also allows you to follow each other, likes and comments can also be made on the other person’s profile.

4. Daddy Hunt 

As its name suggests, this is the most common application used by Daddy Hunt. If you are looking for someone elder to you, this is the best platform for you. The best part about this application is that its browser is stacked with images of men in the form of a chessboard. Although, Daddy Hunt has a smaller user base as compared to Grindr, the options are growing.


The Hottest Live Streaming Apps You Need to Try


Social media reaches out to billions of people worldwide. Every now and then we see new and emerging trends. While some trends are just fad, some are here to stay as they serve many purposes. Video live streaming is a trend which has caught up very fast and is now becoming exceedingly popular. But, video streaming is no fad as it can serve some useful purposes. It is not just a fun thing; it can also be used by the professionals. Here is the list of some of the hottest live streaming social apps you would love to try.


Facebook introduced live video streaming only a few months ago. Many users did not even know what this was all about when they got notified of it. However, more and more people are using this feature now and it is becoming very trendy. What you need is Facebook app on your mobile to use this feature. You can choose live video option and start broadcasting yourself live. The live streaming can be made available to the general public or you can keep it only to your Facebook friends. You just need to choose the appropriate privacy mode. Using Facebook live streaming is easy and fun. Try it once!



Since we are talking about video live streaming, truly there is no way Periscope cannot be mentioned. Periscope is indeed the pioneer or trend setter in this domain. It has taken video live streaming to new heights. This is why it deserves to be in this list of hottest live streaming social apps. The app is now owned and managed by Twitter. Periscope can be downloaded on the Android and iOS devices. But, if you want you can get Periscope for PC using an Android emulator. Go ahead and go live with Periscope. You will enjoy it.



Want to know the name of another hottest live streaming app? Yes, it is Streamup. What makes this app special is that it comes packed with a number of effects, filters, and overlays to make your videos even more amazing. It is a very easy to use app and available on iOS and Android.

iMessage for Computers (Windows & Mac)


All of us want the latest of applications on our devices as they release, isn’t it? However, instant messaging has always been popular around the World. You must have already heard about iMessage, a messaging app which offers lots of cool new features. iMessage is a very fast and secure instant messaging service. You might already know that since it’s hosted by Apple, you can only use it on iOS devices. This makes it quite limiting, particularly because many people don’t own Apple devices but want to use iMessage. Thanks to the commendable work of the jailbreak scene, there are workarounds for this.

Allow us to take you through the tutorial explaining the detailed steps to get iMessage for Windows and Mac computers easily without any glitch.


iMessage for Mac computer

This app is generally a built-in feature for the all Apple devices. Nevertheless, in case you need to download it manually, it’s a very simple task. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the App store.
  2. Search for iMessage in the search bar.
  3. Just download the app for your Mac and you’re good to go.


iMessage For Windows Computer

Even though, this app isn’t accessible on Windows officially, you can easily download iMessage on windows PC using an emulator. Here is how you do it:

  • Now search for iMessage in the search box.
  • Firstly, you need to download iPadian emulator from, and then just follow the installation process.
  • Once you’re done installing it, you’ll notice that the complete outlook of your computer has now changed into a kind similar to Mac. You will see a dock right at the bottom of the screen.
  • Go ahead with downloading the app. When it’s done, you will find the application on your PC.
  • And now you are all set to use iMessage right on your PC screen. Isn’t it just amazing? Practically, everything seems to be possible with the advancement of technology.

Note : If you have good internet connection, you can use imessage online as well.

SHAREit for Windows Computer- Download For Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/10


If you are looking for ways to simplify the file sharing and transfer process then you must definitely consider the latest file sharing apps of today. While you are at it, definitely consider SHAREit. Arguably, it is the best file transfer apps that we have today. What makes this app so popular? Well, there are a number of reasons.


The first one being that it can transfer the files very easily and very quickly between devices. Secondly, it features a very simple and easy to use interface. Even if you are a layperson you will be able to use this app quit easily.

Platforms that support SHAREit

When SHAREit was first introduced, it was only meant for the Android phones. Developed by Lenovo, this app instantly became a hit among the Android smartphone users. Later, the app was made available to the iOS as well as the Windows smart phone users.

Wi-Fi had already become incredibly popular and everyone had a Wi-Fi enabled PC. So, many people started wondering if SHAREit could be made available to the Windows based PC and laptop users. Soon enough, the developers of SHAREit app complied and it was available to the users of Windows computers.

Downloading the app on PC or Laptop with Windows OS 

Unlike Mac, the app is officially available for the Windows computer users. Hence, you can download and install it directly without having to find a workaround. You will be surprised to see that the process of download is extremely simple. Here are the simple steps:

Once the file has been saved on your computer, you can open it and start the installation process. The process is quite easy as a matter of fact.

Facetime For Android- Top Alternatives Download


Facetime is a great video calling application which comes pre-installed with almost all apple devices. It doesn’t matter whether you are using iPhone, iPad or any other apple product, you can locate Facetime into your phone.

It’s so easy to use and flawless that it’s one of the most popular video calling applications on iOS. Due to its popularity, People who use devices running different OS such as Android are looking forward to use Facetime on Android.


That’s why we have brought you this guide on How to use Facetime on Android. Here is how to get Facetime for Android

How to use Facetime on Android?

There are thousands of apps on Google Play Store but sometimes it becomes really hard to find a suitable application for any special needs. For example, there are thousands of Video calling applications available on Android but most of them are a pure headache when it comes to using.

Some of them have offered so poor video quality that you can not even identify the face of the person whom you are talking to. Others consume so much data that you can go and meet that person face to face and it will still cost you less.


And the situation becomes worse when Apple users have the perfect solution for this problem in the form of apps like Facetime which is without doubt an awesome video calling application.

That’s why we, the Android users also want a way to use Facetime on Android phone. Unfortunately, the app is developed by Apple developers in such a way that there is no chance of finding Facetime on Playstore, in fact we also come across queries such as how to download Facetime for pc, well in that case all we have to tell you that there is no way you can get this app on your Android phone forget about pc, however, we have top alternatives of this app which works equally good as Facetime.

How to download and Install Facetime apk on Android

You can not install Facetime directly from Google play. So the hopes are all relying now on finding the Facetime apk. Because there are lots of apps which don’t comply with Google Play Store’s policies but are still very popular.

How? APKs. Yes, the answer is apk. These apps allow you to download the apk file of that application and then you can install that apk.

So now you must have the question From where to download Facetime apk in your mind. Well, unfortunately, there is no apk of Facetime for Android currently. We are constantly looking to find the Facetime apk for Android and we’ll let you know as soon as we find it. Till then here is something for you-

Facetime Alternatives for Android

Although you can not use Facetime on Android, there are lots of Facetime alternatives available on play store.

However all of them have their advantages and disadvantages and trying all these apps would be a real burden, that’s why we have brought you a list of top 3 Facetime Android Alternatives. –

3. Hangouts

Everything that comes from Google is awesome and Hangouts is no different. It’s one of the most popular video calling apps on android. You can use this app for not only video chats but text chat as well.


If you are using an Android phone then you must have a Google account as well which makes signing up on Hangouts super fast and easy. You can also use Hangouts on apple devices so it’s a win-win situation.

2. Viber

Viber launched their video calling feature in 2013 and it has been running successfully ever since. The best thing about it is that they are more focused on mobile video calls and their app is also primarily created for mobiles.

unnamed (2)

It means that unlike other popular video calling options, it has a very clean UI and is much faster.

1. Skype

 Launched way back in 2003, Skype is like the great great grandfather of all video calling apps. Surprisingly it has kept adding new things and improving it’s services that’s why it still stands tall.


 So if you are looking for a Facetime alternative for not only Android but other devices as well then there is nothing better than Skype.

 Final Words

Do you know any way of using Facetime on Android? Which one of these alternatives you liked the most? Tell us in the comments box. Stay tuned for more such articles and updates.

Free Call and Chatting App for Mobile


Talking to friends and loved ones over Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or WeChat is something we all enjoy the most. In the age of Smartphones and gadgets we all are very much aware of the latest apps and technology to chat and communicate with friends easily. The latest entry to the list of such popular apps is Tango. Tango is just like any other social messenger with some unique and exciting features which has made it popular among its users. Today we are going to discuss in brief all the aspects of Tango and how to download Tango for PC.

Talking about the much popular apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Hike etc, new apps like Tango would have found it extremely difficult to make a space for itself in the much crowded social media apps market and what makes it happen is Tango’s availability for both Smartphone and Windows PC. Yes you heard it right, this app can be accessed on both mobile and PC.


Tango for PC- Features

  • This app comes with both voice and video call facility that too free of cost.
  • This app has its own social network where you can join a community and interact with new people.
  • It also offers features such as playing games, listening music and sharing pictures and animation with your friends.
  • You can do group chat up to with 50 people in Tango.
  • You can also share images and animations with your friends while talking to them at the same time.

Tango on Computer- Installation and System Requirements

  • You need a system OS with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or above to install Tango on your PC, apart from that your computer must have a minimum 1 GHz processor.
  • You also need a better internet connection to enjoy disturbance free video chat, precisely you need an internet connection with 1 MB/s downloading and 512 KB/s uploading speed.
  • Basically you also need a web camera to do video chat
  • Apart from that your computer must have speakers and mic to perform voice or video chat properly.


Tango on PC- Download Procedure

  • Click on the link below to download Tango on your computer or laptop

Tango for PC

  • Once the download is complete, click on the icon to run setup, just like you install any other software on your PC
  • Once downloaded, click on its icon to launch the setup run on your computer.
  • Once it has been installed restart your PC to make the installation take effects completely.
  • Now launch the app in your PC
  • Sign in and start using it
  • In case you don’t have an account on Tango you can sign up for a new one
  • That’s all, go ahead and enjoy Tango for PC just like you have done it previously on your Smartphone.

Keep coming back for the latest update on tech and apps.

Download Snapseed For PC- Via Bluestacks


Photography is an art and with growing popularity of Smartphone with high quality camera, photos have become an integral part of everybody’s life. We all love to click pictures with our Smartphone’s and digital cameras and equally enjoy editing pictures before posting them online. Today photo editing has also become an art and those who love doing that are always hunting for best photo editor app available online on playstore or Apple store, today we are going to discuss about one such app which will meet all your photo editing need.


When it comes to perfectly giving a personal touch to our pictures, Snapseed jumps in as a perfect modern day photo editing app which comes with numerous photo editing features to make your pictures look better than ever before.

This wonderful app comes for free on your Android smartphone; however, for those who would like to use this app on their PC, today we are going to give you a short tutorial on how to download Snapseed on Windows 7/8/Xp PC.

But before that it is important to tell you the features of Snapseed for PC so that you get an insight into this app.

Snapseed for PC- Features

  • With its auto correct feature you can enhance the quality of your picture within a second, and if you aren’t still satisfied you can further edit your picture and adjust it accordingly.
  • This app comprises more than ten filters effect which gives you an augmented option to edit your picture and give it personal touch as per your choice.
  • Not only this, this app also comes with 13 sets of resettable filters which you can change and adjust as per your preference.
  • By using it enlarge feature, you can zoom out the background of your picture and focus on any of the blurred object in the background.
  • You can also adjust the viewing angles of your picture.
  • This app comes with different borders template to fit in your picture to give it a final touch

This short briefing on features of Snapseed would have cleared all your doubts but for better understanding we would recommend you to try this app on your Smartphone first to understand its features practically.

snapseed-editing app

Snapseed for Windows 7/8/Xp- Free Download

  • To download this app on your PC you require Bluestacks emulator in your PC which can be installed on your PC just like you install any other software in your PC, just Google it and install it.
  • Once installed in your PC, launch it, then type and search for Snapseed in the search bar
  • After seeing the searched result i.e, Snapseed, download it on your PC.
  • That’s all you need, you can now use this app on your PC

For more updates on latest tech and apps from around the world keep coming back to our website. We have lot more in store for you. Have a great day!

Best 5 options of iMovie for PC


iMovie is doubtlessly one of the best video altering software ever, it has some special mechanism which no other such software highlights. It is something easy to use with simple user interface. iMovie give its client a one of a kind affair of altering film all alone bother free. You can without much of a stretch tweak your recordings with iMovie with such a variety of features. Presently going to the key point, this awesome motion picture altering software is only accessible for iOS users since it’s an Apple item. Today we are going to let you know about the other top options of iMovie for your Windows PC which works exceptionally good as iMovie.

In this article we will examine about the best options of iMovie for Windows PC, for the individuals who were searching for comparative kind of software for their Windows PC, this article will surely help your chase. Once more, we might want to clear you that iMovie doesn’t deal with Windows PC so kindly don’t ask pointless inquiries like when will Apple introduce the Windows version of iMovie. Advancing how about we get down to the business and begin examining the main 5 options of iMovie for PC.


Best 5 options of iMovie for PC

  1. Movie Maker-Windows 10 Movie Maker is one all the more such fine software to alter your recordings on a go, completely perfect alongside fantastic altering alternatives; this software unquestionably comes convenient when altering short recordings at home
  1. Wondershare Filmora– Wondershare is surely a superior alternative than Movie Maker as it is perfect with both Windows and iOS gadgets, it is easy to use as it aides you regulated to alter your recordings. It likewise has more video altering highlights than Windows Movie Maker.
  1. Lightworks Free-Lightworks features two versions i.e., free and paid, we would suggest the free version of Lightworks as the ace variant is exceptionally costly. This software does wonder with regards to altering videos, what makes this software a class separated is its suitability with every one of the platforms including MAC, Windows and Linux.
  1. Movavi Video Editor-Movavi is much the same as iMovie with regards to components and ease of use, it’s easy to utilize and permits you to import all your media records on the course of events, match up your sound and share it anyplace you like.
  1. NCH VideoPad-VideoPad is a multi tasking video editorial manager simply like iMovie, it has the highlight which permits you to alter your recordings better than ever, the transition impact alongside sound altering instruments with instinctive illustrations this software is basically magnificent with regards to video altering. It can deliver fantastic video without a hitch and is viewed as one of the best choices of iMovie for PC.


That is all people we trust you would have appreciated perusing this post furthermore thought that it was valuable, for more news keep checking this space, you can also pen down your helpful feedback on this post in the comments below.