The Hottest Live Streaming Apps You Need to Try


Social media reaches out to billions of people worldwide. Every now and then we see new and emerging trends. While some trends are just fad, some are here to stay as they serve many purposes. Video live streaming is a trend which has caught up very fast and is now becoming exceedingly popular. But, video streaming is no fad as it can serve some useful purposes. It is not just a fun thing; it can also be used by the professionals. Here is the list of some of the hottest live streaming social apps you would love to try.


Facebook introduced live video streaming only a few months ago. Many users did not even know what this was all about when they got notified of it. However, more and more people are using this feature now and it is becoming very trendy. What you need is Facebook app on your mobile to use this feature. You can choose live video option and start broadcasting yourself live. The live streaming can be made available to the general public or you can keep it only to your Facebook friends. You just need to choose the appropriate privacy mode. Using Facebook live streaming is easy and fun. Try it once!



Since we are talking about video live streaming, truly there is no way Periscope cannot be mentioned. Periscope is indeed the pioneer or trend setter in this domain. It has taken video live streaming to new heights. This is why it deserves to be in this list of hottest live streaming social apps. The app is now owned and managed by Twitter. Periscope can be downloaded on the Android and iOS devices. But, if you want you can get Periscope for PC using an Android emulator. Go ahead and go live with Periscope. You will enjoy it.



Want to know the name of another hottest live streaming app? Yes, it is Streamup. What makes this app special is that it comes packed with a number of effects, filters, and overlays to make your videos even more amazing. It is a very easy to use app and available on iOS and Android.