SHAREit for Windows Computer- Download For Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/10


If you are looking for ways to simplify the file sharing and transfer process then you must definitely consider the latest file sharing apps of today. While you are at it, definitely consider SHAREit. Arguably, it is the best file transfer apps that we have today. What makes this app so popular? Well, there are a number of reasons.


The first one being that it can transfer the files very easily and very quickly between devices. Secondly, it features a very simple and easy to use interface. Even if you are a layperson you will be able to use this app quit easily.

Platforms that support SHAREit

When SHAREit was first introduced, it was only meant for the Android phones. Developed by Lenovo, this app instantly became a hit among the Android smartphone users. Later, the app was made available to the iOS as well as the Windows smart phone users.

Wi-Fi had already become incredibly popular and everyone had a Wi-Fi enabled PC. So, many people started wondering if SHAREit could be made available to the Windows based PC and laptop users. Soon enough, the developers of SHAREit app complied and it was available to the users of Windows computers.

Downloading the app on PC or Laptop with Windows OS 

Unlike Mac, the app is officially available for the Windows computer users. Hence, you can download and install it directly without having to find a workaround. You will be surprised to see that the process of download is extremely simple. Here are the simple steps:

Once the file has been saved on your computer, you can open it and start the installation process. The process is quite easy as a matter of fact.